Cleaning Up, Clearing Out, Decluttering and Streamlining…


Get rid of something old, to bring in the all of the new… decluttering to free up space


At the change of a season, we put away all of the clothes from the season before, and replace the space with pieces to accommodate the weather of the next. We go through the motions of decluttering and throwing out the things that no longer fit with our style, that look old and worn or that shouldn’t really have been there in the first place (FYI, I have never had anything sitting in my wardrobe for longer than a week before wearing it!). There are always the things we struggle to part with, the things we hold onto because of sentimental value and the ‘what if?’s. They hang around for a lot longer than they need to, taking up unnecessary space, and continually pulling your focus and attention from other pieces.

The season’s ritual of decluttering and cleansing is one that shouldn’t be limited just to physical clutter. Just as important as the physical declutter, is the mental one. Going through a mental audit every now and then, and pinpointing the causes of your angst, discomfort and unease is essential. Clearing out the burdensome activities and people that continually pull your focus and attention, that take up unnecessary time and space, is one step in your mental spring clean. It is one step towards relieving mental anguish and stress. Making the decision to finally rule something out of your life – be it physical or mental – brings with it an unbelievable amount of freedom.

Ditching something that was once all consuming, something that was there sheerly for sentimental value, is liberating. No longer being concerned with the unnecessary gives you more space and brain power to focus on the positives in your life. While it may be a long hard process to get rid of that thing that is paining you (just like it can be to get rid of that amazing dress that just doesn’t fit anymore), the benefits far outweigh the possible pain that could come from finally ripping that bandaid off. A free and decluttered mind is a happy, healthy mind.