Oh So Peachy Keen


The silly season may be over, but I still have my party clothes on…


Suboo jumpsuit (similar here and here) | Zu heels (similar here, here and here) | Vintage headscarf
Photos: Emily at She Does


So here we are, at the beginning of a new year and back to the daily grind (if you weren’t already – shout outs to our hospitality and retail friends!). Most are somewhat reluctant to go back to work today, yearning for just one more extra day of holidays. While warranted, I can’t help but think that, no matter how many extra days off you are lucky enough to be granted, you are always going to want ‘just one more day off’ when it comes time to go back. The fun must end somewhere and reality must resume! Me? I am rejoicing in the fact that I am going back to routine. Sure, I love holidays just as much as the next person, but without my daily routine (and without normal opening hours and email response rates etc), I almost feel as though I am flailing through some weird limbo space where I want to get things done but can’t. Time off is a blessing, but it only makes me more keen to get stuck back into it as the holiday draws to a close.

In saying that, I am not ready to put the silly season behind me entirely. I refuse to put my ‘party’ clothes away just yet. Even though we may be back to work, the parties and events aren’t stopping until the end of summer, plus, a girl is allowed to inject a little happy into her day however she pleases, right? By way of oversized hair bow, flouncy playsuit or sky high heels, I am not letting the holiday season go just yet! After all, girls really do just want to have fun, even if we are just running from meeting to meeting, going out for brunch, or sitting in an office all day.

suboo-jumpsuit-little-miss-mon-bon5 suboo-jumpsuit-little-miss-mon-bon3 suboo-jumpsuit-little-miss-mon-bon2 peachy keen