Trending: Off Shoulder Tops


Stay on trend with an ever-so-sexy, clavicle bearing, off shoulder outfit…


Off shoulder top similar here and here | ASOS skirt | ASOS heels | Zara clutch
Photographer: Emily Friend


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It seems ‘off-the-shoulder’ tops are the style du jour. So much so, that I can’t decide if fake septum rings or shoulder grazing outfits should take the top spot for ‘most saturated trend of summer 2016’. Everywhere I turn I see nose jewellery, off shoulder tops or a healthy combination of the two. Search ‘off shoulder’ in ASOS and have fun sifting through the 1077 results. Despite me humouring the obvious popularity for a shoulder barer, I am actually quite happy to see this trend embraced by so many.

At risk of sounding like a total nonna, there are so many trends that I just don’t understand – long sleeve, low cut jumpsuits with cape/skirt things attached for summer; bandanas making a resurgence; fluro activewear –  they just don’t make sense to me. Each to their own, just not for me. This trend of off shoulder tops and dresses? Yes, it seems to make a lot more sense and have a lot more staying power than some other aforementioned fads.


[one_half_last padding=”0 10px 0 10px”] I have harped on about the flattering nature of a bare clavicle before, so I will spare you this time. What I will go on to say is: this is a trend for anyone of any age. Age specifics don’t apply in the off shoulder top world. A 3 year old (a la little miss Z!) can wear an off shoulder dress and be appropriately covered, cutely dressed, and entirely age appropriate, but the same style dress wouldn’t look ridiculous on a woman who has experienced a little bit more of their life. It can be cute or it can be sexy, but it never raises the question of age appropriateness.

Quite frankly, any trend that doesn’t require you to be a certain height, weight, age or complexion is one that should be in for the long haul (fingers crossed). Off shoulder tops tick all the boxes I find necessary, and apparently it does the same for many other women also! This summer it is all about the shoulders, and I am totally OK with that!


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