Movement Co: Helping Me Invest in My Long Term Body and Fitness Goals


Visible results in 4 weeks time aren’t my ultimate goal. There is more to my fitness routine than meets the eye…


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‘Bikini body’ training programs and ‘6 week transformations’ might sound appealing to some, but they really aren’t my cup of tea. Although I have never actually gone ahead and signed up to a program to see what it is all about – I assume lots of high intensity training including squats, weighted crunches and the like – I have always been sceptical of them. While I don’t deny their effectiveness at delivering a ‘bikini body’ in a short space of time (Note: I can only base this statement on other peoples’ transformations that I have seen), I am somewhat hesitant to back these programs that boast instant aesthetic results.

I was always told that good things take time.

The human race can be forgiven for being attracted to 12 week fitness programs, or rapid weight loss diets – it is in our nature to want to see results and want to see those results fast. If there is a faster way of doing something, humans have found a way of doing it (arguably causing more harm than good – check out the 3rd episode of this awesome series, Cooked, to gain a different perspective on how humans’ race to make things quicker and easier has affected us). Of course I want a svelte bikini body, we all do, but I know that while a quick, 12 week program might get me there ASAP, I am compromising a lot of things I care about to get there.

I have stressed many times before how important a functional training program is to me – a program that not only helps to keep you fit, but one that also helps to train and sculpt your muscles to carry you in a certain way. Form and precision have always been important to me, and I gravitate towards trainers and teachers who pay attention to the way in which my body moves in a certain exercise. If you follow me on Instagram or Snapchat (@missmonbon), you would have seen that, in addition to my weekly Air Yoga and Megaformer classes, I have been taking on some early morning gymnastics classes at Movement Co too. I have been training under Mat for 5 weeks now, and in that time I have learned so much more about my body and what it will take to get to where I want to be without causing myself any harm.

Movement Co focuses on teaching fundamental fitness and mobility practices (think gymnastics, handstand class and proper non-rythmic-gymnastics calisthenics), combined with more traditional strength training classes. Aiming to ‘improve the way you move’, the trainers at Movement Co have your long term mobility at the forefront of their minds, rather than just your aesthetics. Don’t get me wrong, if your aesthetics are what is most important to you, that is fine, however I see a lot more good come from fitness than just what you look like. Building a stronger, more flexible me, is important to me and my body function in years to come, and this is an ongoing process that spans far longer than a 12 week period. My investment in my fitness doesn’t stop at a visual level – nor does it start there for that matter.

Good things take time.

I am not phased if I don’t have visible abs until 12 months from now. I am more concerned with having a strong enough core to protect my spine when it is subject to unexpected movement under tension. I don’t really mind if I don’t have a bubble butt in a few weeks time, I am more worried about not injuring my hips thanks to my over active quads.

Good things take time.

Eventually, after all of my muscular and technical issues are on the path to being solved, I am sure I will switch my focus to aesthetics a little more, but at this point in time, my fitness goals are long term goals promoting body function rather than the way I look. With my current weekly routine topped up with visits to Movement Co, I know my body will change shape to become leaner and more toned. I am in no 12 week rush to get there though, because my priority is keeping my body in good working order to foster a good fitness regime in the years to come.

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