What’s New in Fitness in 2016?


New Year, new happenings…


Nike crop, shorts and slides all from The Iconic Sports


What better time than the new year to discuss what is new in fitness and wellness? If you vowed to yourself that you would look more closely at your fitness and wellness routine in 2016, the following few developments are something you might just want to take a look at…

Your one stop shop for all things fashion, The Iconic, has debuted their dedicated sportswear site in 2016! It now means that rather than sifting through oodles and oodles of dresses and heels to find your ultimate sports crop, you can find all of your favourite sportswear labels (think Nike, Adidas, Running Bare, Calvin Klein and The Upside) under the one umbrella. Word has it, that this month will see another huge Australian fitness label come under their wing, and the ensuing months will see some incredible international labels dropping too. It really will be Australia’s sportswear mecca!

Ok, so this one isn’t new for you lucky ducks over there in the eastern states (or the United States), but it is for us here sandgropers. Classpass is a $99.00 monthly membership that gives you access to, quite literally, hundreds of studios, service providers and fitness classes each week. From F45 and crossfit, all the way to air yoga and hula hooping, there are so many different classes going on each day, you will find it hard to fit everything you want to do in! Classpass is perfect for those who like variety in their workout, or for those who are trying to find a class that they really love doing. I have to say, my favourite part is that you can follow your friends’ schedules on there, so you can book into the same classes together with very little hassle (we have been doing this for Fit Club Perth)!

Less than a week after opening to the public, Elizabeth Quay is already pumping out the drawcard events and activities. Along with a large Fringe Festival venue and a pop up bar, this February they will be launching FREE outdoor fitness classes. Who doesn’t love free stuff? And hey, if you don’t like the class you attended, it was free!

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