Elle Et Lui, Designer Shoes: The New Kid on the Block

Elle Et Lui Little Miss Mon Bon

Unique, designer shoes, from Portugal, are now right at our fingertips…


Elle Et Lui Little Miss Mon Bon 7There is no denying my Italian heritage. It is quite subtle in my hair colour, my skin colour, and my mannerisms (well, I think my Mauritian-Italian blend makes it so), but you can’t miss my Italian bloodline in my surname, ‘Ceccato’. Being brought up with Italian-Australian father and Italian grandparents, a lot of the culture has rubbed off on me in ways that I never expected. The Italian in me, to some degree, even influences my personal style – something I wasn’t always necessarily aware of.

As I have grown older, I have found myself cherishing some of my nonna’s more ‘distinctly Italian’ pieces – things like her ornate gold rings with rubies and diamonds, her amazing vintage leather coat with a snakeskin finish, and her piles of gorgeous, bright, patterned venetian glass necklaces. She still has some of the most incredible, unique pieces I have ever seen, things that I wish I had in my own wardrobe, or that I could hunt down to set myself apart. I often find myself seeking out interesting textures in my clothing, or fun prints that I can work in with existing prints in my wardrobe, things that remind me of those incredible one-off pieces that my nonna owns. My love for print, colour, clashes, and the somewhat ‘over-the-top’, is something that is ingrained in me, it is something that my family has passed down to me and always exposed me to.

It goes without saying that the first time I walked into Elle Et Lui, I knew I had walked into a store that was so intrinsically me.

Elle Et Lui Little Miss Mon Bon 8I always seek out the interesting, fun and eye-catching, and the shoes and handbags on display at Elle Et Lui‘s Claremont store are nothing short of that. Imported directly from Portugal, the brands that Elle Et Lui carry, transport me to the same place that those gorgeous, quirky pieces of my Nonna’s do.

Unbeknownst to many, Portugal produces some of the highest quality footwear in the world – not to mention, some of the most unique. From purple, blue and red snakeskin stilettos, and elegant studded tan flats; to meticulous, olive hued men’s brogues, and classic black dress shoes, not one ounce of creativity or detail is lacking in Elle Et Lui’s eye catching display of designer shoes. Heck, the male designers (yes, all of the brands stocked exclusively at Elle Et Lui are headed up by men!) even try on every single pair of heels that they design to ensure their comfort and practicality! How is that for attention to detail?!

While elaborately detailed or colourful shoes might not be everyone’s cup of tea, I (for one) am so thrilled to see a new shoe store shaking up the footwear scene here in Perth. We have our fair share of minimal style shoe stores, and stores that stock ‘trending’ styles, so it is refreshing to see something of a different vein pop up in our growing city. It excites me to know that the people of Perth are exposed to such impeccable design work from the likes of Portugese designers Egidio Alves, Paolo Brandao, Luis Onofre and Gino B, and that they might even be enticed to step a little outside of their comfort zone to find the perfect statement pair of shoes.

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Over the coming months, you will surely see more of Elle Et Lui and their gorgeous shoes from me (if you follow me on Instagram, you would have already seen 2 of the 3 pairs I walked away from the store with!). I can’t help but spread the word about things that I find and love! If you live in the Perth area (or even if you don’t, we have the interwebs) and you are looking to add something a little different to your wardrobe, pop into the St Quentin Ave space and let the lovely ladies help you find your Cinderella pair. If you get down before the end of April, you will also catch a gorgeous installation by LNR for the ART Transforming Claremont initiative, or you can attend their special gallery night happening on the 20th of April.

LNR Designs gallery evening (a part of ART Transforming Claremont)

20th April, 6.30pm

Elle Et Lui, Designer Shoes

2, 4 St Quentin Ave, Claremont, WA


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