The Catch Up: Running for a Reason, Anxiety and More Travel

Little miss mon bon elle et lui navy egidio alves 4

There mightn’t be any coffee, brunch or even a glass of bubbly present, but it is a catch up all the same!


Little miss mon bon elle et lui navy egidio alves 2

Jeanswest singlet | Nude Lucy drop crotch pants | ASOS tooled leather messenger bag | Egidio Alves heels from Elle Et Lui
Photos: Marnie at Wanderlust Coconut


So, where to start? I have been living in a state of catch up since getting back from Malaysia. I have been behind with my emails, editing, posting, life, everything and life… and I still haven’t caught up. Things don’t stop and allow you to catch up when you are behind, they keep on rolling on like every other day, and new, exciting, and sometimes pressing, opportunities keep popping up to grab your attention.

Like today for example.
Today, the Fit Club Perth girls and I got to film a fun, rather last minute, little project with HBF. Getting in front of the camera is always nerve wracking when you aren’t as experienced as you would like to be, but who am I to say no to a new experience that will only help build what experience I do have?! Unfortunately, Jenelle and I won’t be in Perth to see the final edit of what we filmed today, but maybe you will be? If you have registered for the HBF Run for A Reason on Sunday 22nd of May, be sure to keep an eye out on the big screen pre race as you may see a familiar face (or four!) pop up to take you through your warm up! If you haven’t yet registered, you can still do so here. Be sure to let me know if you do catch a glimpse of our little warm up package, I would love to know!

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This week, Kevin and I had the absolute pleasure of winding down over some pretty great events. We spent Monday night at the preview screening of The First Monday in May (with bubbly and chocolate truffles, by Sue Lewis… that I claimed) and Wednesday night at the preview screening of Bad Neighbours 2 (with beer and pizza… that Kevin claimed). They were completely different movies in all aspects – one is an awe inspiring fashion and art documentary, the other a low brow, cringe inducing, gut-buster – but both equally great in their own rights. And let’s not forget Tuesday night – Tuesday night was a fun, tequila fuelled Mexican feast with friends at El Publico. There is nothing like mid-week margaritas to dissolve away all of the building stress of the work week!

Speaking of mid-week margaritas and the dissolution of stress… Finally, this week is the week that my man and I head off to Bali! After booking the flights way back in February, it feels like our little sojourn has been in the pipelines forever and a day. For our departure to now be less than 24 hours away feels so surreal! This will be my third trip back to the beautiful island, but my first trip back with a partner, and the first time I have ever stayed in a Balinese villa. After getting a taste of the villa life at The Andaman in Langkawi, I have very much been looking forward to our stay at The Amala. I can’t wait to wake up to days full of nothingness! You can catch all of the real-time action on my Snapchat (@missmonbon) and Instagram.

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Unfortunately, excitement isn’t the only thing I am feeling right now… I also have a healthy (read: massive) dose of anxiety. I am not the best traveller under normal circumstances, and having to pack for two trips, both on the opposite ends of the temperature and dress code scales, isn’t helping that unsettled feeling at all. I worked out that I will have somewhere between 2.5-3 hours to race home from the airport, change my entire suitcase over and get back to the airport for a midnight flight to Sydney for Mercedes Benz Fashion Week (better known as MBFWA). Talk about cutting it fine! How do Zanita and Chiara do it?! I guess it will become more natural and far less of a stress the more I do it. Thankfully I just got a new delivery of some Brauer sleep and anxiety remedies to give me that extra little helping hand with all of the flying and chaos over the next few weeks. If anyone has any other tips to cope with the flying/mayhem of Sydney fashion week, please do let me know below!

In fact, if there is anything, anything at all, that you would like to chat about below, hit me with it! I would love to know what you have all been up to!

Little miss mon bon elle et lui navy egidio alves