Fitness: 5 Tips To Stay Motivated For Your Winter Workout

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It is now officially winter. It is cold and dreary and, subsequently, a lot of us have zero motivation to get moving (unless it is from the bed to the couch with a doona) nor stick to a fitness regime…


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As if an early morning wake up call to get to the gym wasn’t hard enough, add in the unpleasantries of getting dressed in complete darkness, the sound of the rain outside, and temperatures below 5 degrees celsius, and the idea of going to the gym during winter is just an axe murderer and some creepy music away from being a horror film. OK, so that is a little melodramatic…
But let’s face it, winter work outs suck – especially if you have to get out of bed early to be there, or if you are compromising that all important after work couch time. Unfortunately, ‘it is cold out’ is just as good of an excuse in the fitness world as ‘sorry, the dog ate my homework’.

So, how do you stay motivated to work out during the colder, wetter months?

  1. Get a new get up. Stocking up on new, warm winter fitness pieces is a little nudge in the direction of the gym door. Who doesn’t get excited to try out the snuggly new things that they just purchased?! I am planning on adding this coat to my collection in the near future, and I am already excited to get to class and test it out on a cold morning or evening!
  2. Program your heating to turn on an hour before you have to be up and out of bed. If you have the luxury of reverse cycle air conditioning, or a heater with a timer, setting it to turn on before you wake means you won’t be having to pull yourself out of bed into the freezing cold. It makes it that much easier and more comfortable to actually get up and go.
  3. Arrange to meet up with your girlfriends at a cosy cafe post workout. I have mentioned the power of a group work out time and time again, and it is no different come winter. The lure of a cosy, warm cafe, a good catch up with your friends, and a giant mug of coffee is a lot that you can be looking forward to during a workout!
  4. Set yourself a new, achievable set of goals for winter. Many people have a bikini body in sight during the warmer months, but with little need to be bearing your body in the cooler months, the drive to get to the gym can often fall by the wayside. Set yourself a more achievable set of goals for winter, and attach a reward to them. Nail a headstand over the winter? That is a new pair of leggings and crops for you! Make it to the gym twice a week for a month? You definitely deserve a nice dinner out!
  5. Modify your work out to find something you enjoy doing indoors. Get your head out of the gutters (although, technically, that is still a work out…). Winter might be the time for you to get inside and try a hot yoga session, throw yourself into a spin class, or even find the best indoor pool to get some laps done. Just because it is cold and rainy outside, it doesn’t mean you can’t find an alternative or slight variation to your normal work out indoors.

What keeps you motivated during the cooler months? Make sure you share your tips below because, heck, we could all use a little extra motivation!

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