Weekend Style and a Weekend Catch Up

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It’s that time again… I get real and let you all know what I have been getting up to of late…


Suzanne Grae jumper | ASOS jeans | Boohoo booties
Photos: Kevin


sm suzanne grae jumper 8Sunday night, the perfect night for a debrief on what has been happening in my world in the last week or two. It feels like the new financial year has brought about many changes for me, but a little more about that in the copy to come…

Learning more about myself

This week I finally bit the bullet and booked in to see Fin at Complete Body Approach to help me sort out my niggling joint injuries. I had never been to a movement therapist before (I had only ever been to a stock standard physiotherapist or chiropractor), and I got so much more out of it than I ever did going to see traditional therapists. I learned exactly how my body holds itself and how that is impacting the way I feel, which muscles are overworked and which ones need some strengthening, as well as what impact my lifestyle has on my pain. It was one of the most interesting health appointments that I have ever been to, and I have taken away so much food for thought. It is a bit long winded to explain it all here, but keep an eye out for a post in the very near future!

A new drop

If you follow me on Snapchat (@missmonbon), you may have noticed that I really do enjoy a good drink have seen me snap a bottle of wine that one of my lovely friends dropped over to me a few weeks ago. You may be thinking ‘yeah, yeah, big deal. A bottle of wine, woohoo’, but this wasn’t just any bottle of wine, it was a brand new, yet to be released bottle from my friend’s new wine range! I have long been a fan of his Vinaceous‘ wines, and I am always so proud to see new developments and achievements come for this wine label. Over the last week, I have been getting well acquainted with the beautiful bottle that I had dropped to me, and I can happily say that I think I have found a new favourite drop in the Vinaceous ‘Clandestine’ #1 Grenache. It was only just released for sale on Friday, so I feel very fortunate to have been one of the lucky first to trial it!

sm suzanne grae jumper 2One housemate out and another in…

Story. of. my. life.

Ever since I finished university way back in 2011, I have been been moving houses more often than I vacuum my car. Honestly, I can count eight homes in the last five years. Three or so weeks ago, I was faced with the harsh reality of possibly having to move (yet again) from the one house I had finally fallen head over heels for. I was absolutely gutted, and that was not helped in the slightest when I realised how much it costs to rent a one bedroom apartment in Perth these days (around the equivalent of 2 return airfares from Perth to Bali each week). All of the stress was alleviated when we finally had a bite at the ‘room for rent’ Gumtree ad, and the responder decided he was keen to move in. It looks like I am safe for at least another month or two!

Local love

Last week I had the pleasure of attending the launch of the beautiful, locally based travel magazine Sceen’ry Travel Journal. I was absolutely floored by the beautiful photography, but it was the way each contributor wrote about my home town that brought a tear to my eye – seriously, I love this city, and anyone who is prepared to boast about it as much as I am deserves a gold medal!

Speaking of launches, another local company – The Love Thread Project – have just launched their kickstarter campaign to help raise money for women at risk. I have known Angeline and her team for a few years now, and it is so empowering to see such beautiful girls doing good in this world. You can check out the campaign video here.

sm suzanne grae jumper 4Enjoying some screen time

Confession: I’m obsessed with Maddie Ziegler.

I have followed her career since we were introduced to her as an 8 year old on Dance Moms, and that journey has now led me to following So You Think You Can Dance Kids. Maddie isn’t dancing on SYTYCD this season, instead, she is judging the performances of the lucky 8-13 year olds that made it to the live shows (she is only 13 herself!). Holy heck, the kids in this competition are phenomenal, and I can’t wait to see what they are capable of! I already have my bets on the 13 year old Canadian, Tate McRae, for the win.

On a less ‘fan girl’ note, but an equally dorky one, I have been glued to Netflix watching Mother and Son for the last few days. I know, how embarrassing. But, I have good reason for it… I have quite fond memories of sitting down as a family of 4 each week, watching it on the ABC when I was younger. Plus, Maggie reminds me so much of the relationship my dad and my nonna have and I just can’t help but laugh at the situations I see my own family in, replicated on screen!


So, tell me, what have you been up to this week?

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